Tony vs. Bikram: Teacher Training

Aspiring and experienced instructors are asking:

“What is the difference between Tony’s training and Bikram’s?”

Comparing Tony’s training to the Bikram training that Benjamin Lorr attended in ‘Hell-Bent”.

Our comparison is based on the five basic elements of a yoga instructor’s life:

  1. Learning: an endless journey, especially with yoga
  2. Practice: essential for personal growth, development, and career
  3. Lifestyle: health and wellness are your most powerful calling card
  4. Teaching: can only develop with continuous learning and practice
  5. Business: the sky is the limit when you are wise, but ethical and fair
Teacher TrainingBikramTony
What do you learn?Bikram's 26 posturesGhosh's 84+ asanas in 3
trainings, yogic physical
culture, Classroom Yoga
Club, advanced practice
What do you practice?Bikram's 26 postures.Begins with 84 Asanas:
Masters' Core System with
unlimited opportunity to
develop your practice
What do you teach?Bikram's 26 posture
Learn the core system to
modify and continuing
education to teach from what
you learn and know.
How long is the class?90-minutes.Teach according to the time
available and students' needs
and abilities.
Room temperature rules?105 to 110+ degrees - hotter is betterClean, fresh air, moderately
warm: from Ghosh's practice guidelines
Advanced practice
By invitation only from a
sanctioned Bikram instructor.
Begin with the Masters' Core System to modify and/or advance into the full 84 with video and workshops.
Where can you teach?Bikram studios only.Anywhere.
Career opportunities?Bikram's 26 postures in a
Bikram studio of your choice.
Great instructors have no
Business opportunities?Bikram yoga studio(s).The world is your oyster when you have the discipline to learn, practice, & teach.
Eco-friendly?Hot yoga leaves the largest carbon footprint in the history of yoga. Minimum - following tradition, emphasis on generating heat from within.

Like so many others, Tony’s practice and teaching began with Bikram’s 26 postures, but without monologue in 1976. Good timing provided him the opportunity to also learn and practice Ghosh’s 84+ asanas under Bikram’s tutelage in a moderately warm room.

When Tony and Bikram parted ways in 1983, he was ready and able to develop his own series of four progressive systems. How to teach it all was the challenge.

In 2005, Tony went on sabbatical to contemplate his practice and how to teach others from the Core26 Ghosh lineage to develop their practice and reach their full potential as instructors, however great or modest.

By 2012, his training program was complete with online courses, video library, e-books and more. With input from several Bikram instructors and studio owners around the country a method for teaching the program was established.

The program is based on the 84+ asanas and yogic physical culture from the Ghosh lineage taught around the five elements or facets of a career instructor. It is an extension of the lineage with a more practical approach – focus on developing all elements of career teaching with no restrictions other than to maintain the integrity of the teachings:

  • Learning
  • Practice
  • Lifestyle
  • Teaching
  • Business

The foundation of the training, 84 Asanas: Masters’ Core System, includes the Core26 with modifications and training to create your own series as needed. This can be modifications to any of the core systems or something altogether new for a group with special needs of any kind.

Instructors can teach a traditional Bikram class or modify it to accommodate the students. Learning to modify or create a series is a fundamental part of training. Expand your knowledge and practice around what your already know, the Core26.

Studio owners with instructors from Tony’s training can make a smooth transition into a wider variety of classes to develop a larger student base.

Continuing education workshops are required every 2-3 years to complete the 84+ asanas system with modifications and adjustments, yogic physical culture and the Classroom Yoga Club.

Certified instructors will be listed on the Tony Sanchez Yoga website registry and have access to the instructors’ video library. As our global community of instructors grows more options and opportunities will be added.

Tony’s goal is to train the best instructors on the planet and establish a solid foundation for continued learning, practice, teaching, prosperity and healthy lifestyle. No hidden agendas.

Join Tony’s next generation of Ghosh instructors.

Keep the Ghosh lineage alive and thriving.


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